The countryside, the sea, chalk, marshes, salt water and lakes are the perfect ingredients for staying and becoming healthy. Thanks to a modern infrastructure and a network of services in fields such as wellness, prevention, rehabilitation or quality management, Western Pomerania offers everything a region needs in the sphere of health.

In the recognised air spas, the air is particularly clean and healthy. Thanks to the interaction of lakes, forests and clean air, these places have excellent, health-promoting climatic conditions for recreation. They are perfect oases, which offer a lot of peace and relaxation for those seeking recreation.


Clinics and doctors

Western Pomerania offers a wide range of services to promote well-being and health. Having a medical infrastructure that is among the most modern in Europe, the region offers ideal conditions to stay or become healthy.


Pregnancy and birth

Starting a family or letting it grow is one of the most beautiful moments in life. Western Pomerania offers ideal conditions for this chapter of life. Whether it is support by midwives, home births or giving birth in a delivery room – all of these wishes can be realised here. Precautionary and postpartum care is also provided, and paediatricians are available nearby.

Nursing and care

Being a health region, Western Pomerania also has suitable offers for the older generation. The state has senior citizens' residences and assisted living facilities in its portfolio and offers a highly developed medical infrastructure and an above-average number of rehabilitation clinics.

The offers in Western Pomerania in the field of nursing and care are varied, ranging from day care, assisted living, outpatient care to mobile advisory services. The different actors help people in need of care and assistance and their families to cope better and more easily with the challenges associated with ageing.


The Welcome Centers of the region offer you personal advice as well as competent information: