A haven of peace with a great climate and a comfortable pace

Nowhere else in Germany does the sun shine longer than in Western Pomerania. Blue skies, fresh wind, and healthy nature characterise the area. In traditional Hanseatic towns and behind white beaches, it is easy to live and work, discover and dream.
The air in Western Pomerania is the cleanest in Germany. The salty sea climate and the oxygen-rich coastal forests are restorative and mobilise the body‘s defenses. The high-quality opportunities for refueling and regeneration are right on the doorstep and usually directly on the water. The shallow lagoon and Bodden waters have a special appeal on stand-up paddlers, surfers, sailors, divers, and anglers. But also the endless waterways and vast lakes in the foreshore are perfect for adventures in a team or with the family.

In the villages unadorned with bells and whistles clatter as ever horse hooves on cobblestones and storks on the cartwheels. Apples are still directly from the tree, potatoes fresh from the field, milk and eggs from the yard, fish from the smoke. Markets and farm shops offer not only crunchy vegetables but also venison and goat cheese, honey, and sea buckthorn from the region.

In the rural peace, the farmer explains to the big city children how the cow is milked and the sheep shorn. How the turnips come out of the ground and the holes appear in the cheese. Hustle and stress are left out, but sport and leisure activities,  or the kindergarten, are closer.