Western Pomerania's housing market offers many options, often at very affordable prices. You can choose between living in one of the young, vibrant Hanseatic cities or in the cosy countryside.

Options include shared flats, inexpensive rental apartments or your own brand new private home. Those looking for a quiet retreat are guaranteed to find one in the beautiful, green countryside, where even historical manor houses or rustic farmhouses are available at reasonable prices. Only the first row of houses by the sea in the seaside resorts are well above average in terms of price.


Room, apartment, house

More than 80 percent of the housing stock from 1990 is now renewed or renovated. New residential areas have been developed and apartments have been built. In many towns and villages in the region – such as Stralsund or Greifswald – much of the historic building stock has been preserved.

Consequently, a large number of refurbished apartments in older buildings is available for sale or rent. But there is also no shortage of building land and newly constructed houses and apartments in the coastal locations or in the charming villages. In the surroundings of the towns and in the idyllic countryside many an old farm cottage is still waiting to be discovered and restored by enthusiasts.


Western Pomerania is located in the north-east of Germany, on the Baltic Sea coast, between Hamburg and Berlin and not far from the Polish border. The Federal Motorway 20 runs right across the region and provides a fast connection to the surrounding cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Stettin. Supra-regional railway connections of the Deutsche Bahn, which are complemented by the offer of regional transport operators, guarantee a good infrastructure.

The distances are short in Western Pomerania, whether it is for work, leisure time or family. In addition to public transport and cycle paths, there is a growing number car sharing services. In Greifswald, for example, 30% of the population are able to get by without their own car.


Energy supply

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, almost 68% of the electricity produced is generated from wind, bio, water or solar energy. Western Pomerania offers a wide range of energy suppliers. Larger electricity suppliers operate on the market alongside several local public utility companies. Heating oil and natural gas can also be obtained from small, regional providers.

More and more customers are paying attention to sustainable energy production – regional suppliers are responding to this by offering tariffs for electricity and gas from renewable sources.