Education and learning in the Western Pomerania region

Early childhood education and care in the day care centre next door, schooling at home, studying in a university town or lifelong learning in adulthood: A broad and high-quality range of educational programmes, as it is offered in the Western Pomerania region, is crucial for the chances and perspectives of young people and adults, both in their professional and everyday lives.

Daycare and school

In Western Pomerania, families not only have a lot of space to realise their dreams, but also excellent and nearby care facilities for their children. Plus: The day care centres in Vorpommern are free of charge. One in two children is in a day care centre or looked after by a childminder. Of the girls and boys aged between 3 and 6, 97 percent are in care.
For older children, Western Pomerania offers a future-oriented education system with a variety of school types.



Training and studying

Every school graduate will find a training programme in Western Pomerania that matches his or her interests and inclinations and offers optimal conditions such as attractive jobs, a friendly environment and professional development prospects.

Founded in 1456, the University of Greifswald has over 10,000 students and more than 6,000 staff members. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe and among the most popular universities in Germany. For years, Greifswald has occupied top positions in nationwide university rankings for medical studies.
The University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, which has around 2,300 students, cooperates closely with companies in the following fields: Applied Computer Science in Engineering and Economics, Health Technologies/E-Health and Health Care Management, Technical Systems, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as well as Regional Development.


Lifelong learning

Learning and education no longer end after school, training or studies. Rather, they are lifelong processes of adaptation to the demands posed by the spheres of life and work. In Western Pomerania, the basic provision of further education is ensured by a nationwide network of adult education centres run by the districts and education service providers.

Many institutions in Western Pomerania offer a wide range of opportunities for further vocational training and for obtaining school-leaving qualifications. In addition, there are numerous language and creative courses as well as courses in the fields of nursing and health care management.

The Welcome Centers of the region offer you personal advice as well as competent information: