Plus points for investments, spin-offs and extensions

Living, working & investing on Germany's sundeck

On the coast, shipbuilding, port management, and fishing have contributed to the prosperity of the region for centuries. In the course of structural change, the industries have developed and expanded. The yards are nowmore focused on special-purpose shipbuilding. The large network of high-performance, maritime service providers and suppliers continues to exist, but has also spread to other industries, such as architecture, renewable energy, and offshore industry.

The sea and its climate are also the main advantages for the tourism and health economy. They set many trends in Germany. The food industry is traditionally strong in sales and continues to grow, with the proportion of organically produced food being exemplary.

In selected areas - especially in medicine and alternative energy production - Western Pomerania stands for top international research. The scientific institutions of the region, with their infrastructure and know-how, create important foundations for entrepreneurial innovation. And of course they also train qualified young talent. For example, technical specialists have always been one of the trademarks of the region.

In addition to large commercial areas such as the Pommern triangle between Stralsund, Greifswald and Grimmen, and the commercial and industrial park Berlin-Szczecin in Pasewalk, there are also extensive areas and development opportunities for investors near the harbour. Crafts and SMEs form the economic backbone of the country and open up alternative paths to entrepreneurial independence for successor candidates.

  • Best location right on the Baltic Sea
    • Hub for transports and logistics from and to Scandinavia as well as Northern and Eastern Europe
    • Harbours with efficient infrastructure and settlement areas
    • Good connection via road, rail and plane towards sales markets and metropolitan regions
    • Part of the Baltic with various possibilities of international networking
  • Investment friendly climate and attractive promotion

    Regional funding and funding programs of the EU, federal and state:

    • Investment subsidies of up to 40 % for small, 30 % for medium and 20 % for large companies
    • Grants for research and development projects
    • Labour market support for job creation and continuing vocational training
    • Founder programs of the country and development opportunities in technology and incubators
    • Guarantees, investment and venture capital of state-owned institutions such as Bürgschaftsbank Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mbH and Genius Venture Capital GmbH
    • Cheap financing and loans by the regional savings banks and banks

    * Directive to promote the industrial economy from the joint task „Improvement of the regional economic structure“, valid until 31 December 2020

  • Well developed areas for trade, craft and industry

    The Hanseatic city of Stralsund is the ideal location for portrelated investments. The seaport, shipyard, and metalworking industry offer good conditions here. As a regional center, the city has more commercial space throughout the city.

    Between Stralsund and Greifswald, with direct motorway access, located near Grimmen is the large commercial site of Pommerndreieck. Here is enough space for large-scale investments. Biosanica GmbH, European market leader in organic dried fruits, as well as the batteries Sys Batterietechnik Nord GmbH have already decided on this location.

  • Workshops, centres, and co-working spaces for new entrepreneurs

    Vorpommern offers the best conditions for networking. Cooperation between the universities, academies, and industry functions and is energetically supported by the state government – for example with the platform „Digital MV“ and several ideas competitions.

    Startup and innovation centres, such as the centrally located Cowork Greifswald, provide temporary office space and networking opportunities for freelancers, creatives, smaller startups, and digital nomads.

    The Technology Center Vorpommern provides more than2,600 m² of laboratory and production space and more than
    3,600 m² of office space. In the city centre, the former refectory on the Wall is being converted into the Creative Dialogue Hub. Above all small and medium-sized businesses will find an excellent infrastructure in the Greifswald BioTechnikum.

    The MakerPort in Stralsund is an idea workshop. Startups, small and medium-sized enterprises get access to and support for ideas and technologies in the field of digitisation. In contrast, coworking spaces in rural areas provide additional space away from the city bustle.

    Succession as an alternative to foundation is very popular in Vorpommern. In cooperation with the successor center MV and other partners, the Economic Development Corporation of Vorpommern brings together entrepreneurs and interested takeover candidates: discreet, long-term accompanying and competent advice.